Repairs: We repair most jewellery including antique, modern and some costume. Repairs usually take 1 - 5 working days depending on the complexity.

Resizing: We can resize most rings and this will take around 1 - 2 working days.

Redesigning: We can use gemstones and gold from unused pieces, to create a fabulous new piece of jewellery! This process takes around 3 - 6 weeks from design to completion.

Restringing: We restring pearls and beads, with normally a 2 - 3 day turnaround!

Commissions: We can create a special piece of jewellery for you, from your engagement ring to a special anniversary or commemorative piece. This process takes around 3 - 6 weeks from design to completion.

Engraving: We do machine and hand engraving for wedding rings, rings, pendants and watches as well as plaques and trophies. We also do family crest engraving, which usually takes a couple of weeks.

Watch batteries: We change watch batteries.

Watch servicing: We can service all watch brands.

Corporate gifts: We design personalised corporate gifts with company logos ranging from cufflinks, key rings, money clips, rings, pendants and brooches, as well as any special requests.

Valuations: Jules Collins is a gemologist and certified valuer with the National Council of Jewellery Valuers of New South Wales. She can do valuations for insurance, resale or estates. This takes 2 - 5 working days depending on the complexity and number of pieces and is charged per piece.

Polishing: We polish any tarnished and scratched jewellery and silverware to look like new again. This takes approximately 1 - 3 working days.

Plating: Silver, yellow or rose gold and rhodium plating is available. We can plate most jewellery and silverware and rhodium plate white gold. Rhodium plating rings takes approximately 1 - 2 working days.